Shigeo Kobayashi
Date of BirthApril 21,1970
Place of BirthTokyo, Japan
SizeHeight: 5"10 (177cm) Weight: 154LBS (70kg)
Shoe US9 / 27.0cm
HairBlack Hair
EyesDark Brown Eyes
InterestsFishing, Reading, Movie, Fine Arts, Horseback Riding
Special SkillJapanese Dance (School of SEYAMA), TATE (Sword Fighting), Baseball, Fishing, Boxing
EducationKeio University, Department of Business
LicenseProfessional Boxing License (TOKASHIKI Boxing Gym), Boat License, Car Driver's License

Lt. Kato : Shigeo Kobayashi
"The flowers of war"
Director: Yimou Zhang
Cast: Christian Bale
Production Design: Yohei Taneda

Shigeo Kobayashi plays Lt. Kato of Japanese Imperial Army, who holds a crucial role in the story. Making his very first appearance in a Chinese film with renowned film makers and casts on agnificently designed sets, Shigeo certainly deepened his experience as an actor.

Leading role and the latest work

Born and raised in Metropolitan Tokyo, Shigeo Kobayashi has worked on over 80 films, theatrical productions and TV drama series. In 2008, he played the first leading role in a short film "Todai (the Light House)". His most recent work includes a superb performance as a Japanese Lieutenant in "13 Flowers of Nanjing (2012)", directed by Yimou Zhang. Shigeo continues to build steady yet unique career as an actor, who has been noted for his outstanding ability to express the subtleties of emotion.

Movie "TODAI" 2008
Role: Lead Takao Obayashi
Director: Hiroyuki Nakano

2008 The 13rd Tehran International Short Film Festival Finalist Nominee
2009 Poland International Film Festival Finalist Nominee

Drama "Sky High" as Champion Boxier Sendo, Guest Star

Film "Kuro No Tenshi II" Black Angel II as Yakuza Boss TOYO

Kabuki Days

He become a DESHI (apprentice) of famed period drama star Kinnosuke Yorozuya, also well known as a KABUKI actor, in 1990 when he was 19 years old.

With Kinnosuke (right)

"Renjishi" at National Theater
As an apprentice he appeared in all of Kinnosuke' s theater shows until he passed away in 1997. Shigeo had been trained hard TATE (Japanese Sword fighting) as well as NICHIBU (Japanese Dance) by Kinnosuke. He also learned the attitude of mind as an actor.

Through the training, He gained a career in many historical dramas or theater acts.

Film "Norainu" (Wild Dogs)
Skill of Fighting ; Japanese Sword and Boxing

With "Kill Bill" casts
Shigeo has a accomplishment of action skill, he was called for the film "Kill Bill" as a member of action coordinator with JJ Sonny Chiba.

At age 29,Shigeo obtaioned a professional license for boxing under WBA Jr, flyweight boxing world champion Tokashiki Katsuo.

Movie Days

After several appearances in theater period dramas, Shigeo began working in television and movies. Shigeo became acquainted with actor Ken Takakura after working with him in a TV drama "KEIJI" ("detective"), and made appearances in Ken Takakura films such as "POPPOYA" (1999) and "HOTARU" (2001).

Drama "KEIJI" as Policeman

Kuze Teruhiko's Drama series as soldier

Film "The flowers of war" as Lt. Kato

Drama "Tsukikage Hyougo" Series as Hikojiro, Regular
Shigeo appeared as a soldier in Kuze Teruhiko's TV drama series in every seasons.
He has been cast in a wide variety of roles, raging from YAKUZA to SAMURAI, wor soldier to detective and even in a comedy scene as well.

CF poster "Sapporo Beer" Film "Tajyomaru"
Shigeo is a fighter in many aspects, with a tranquil samurai spirit. Through his acting, Shigeo wishes to express the sorrow and happiness that lies deep in the heart.

That is the man he wishes to be.
Shigeo Kobayashi Interview
Creative Spotlight: Episode #102 – Shigeo Kobayashi | Japan Cinema
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